Documentation from a newbie's perspective.

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Documentation from a newbie's perspective.

Postby lardconcepts » Sun Nov 08, 2015 3:49 am

I realise that once you're familiar with a project, it's very easy to say "oh, well that info is right over here - just RTFM dude"...

But I just thought I'd give my experience from a "newbie trying to learn his way around the docs" perspective...

Starting at just gives me

"Apache + PHP are rock solid".

Chaning to and drilling down to, well the third link takes me to which is "Asterisk The Definitive Guide", based on 1.8 which is already "end of life".

There's a link to purchase the 4th edition, based around Asterisk 11, but in the "why has v14 been pushed back" explanation, it's made clear that A13 was a significant update.

Then there's the Wiki - loads of info in there but it would be good to have an explanation of how it should be read.

For example, is "Asterisk 13 Documentation > Asterisk 13 Command Reference" supposed to be read "on top of" (ie: to supplement) the main wiki documentation?

I would also like more info on what version some pages are specific to.

Then there's a link to "asterisk essentials" training at ... s-training and, which are both unstyled because all the css and js assetts in that page are 404, as are pretty much all the pages linked to, for example: ... s/mobility

This isn't meant to be a complaint; and the standard response of "well no-one is stopping you forking and improving the documentation" doesn't really work in this case, if I don't know how the documentation is meant to be written and read.

Anyway, those are my newbie observations - and yes, I know Google is my friend, but I'm not exaggerating when I say that most of the results of examples I've found date from 2006. Yes, I know you can narrow dates down, but it's almost as if A13 is an exclusive club, designed only for insiders.

In other words, I find myself reading what I think is current documentation, but half an hour later find that "oh, it could be done far better using pjsip and this script". It's a bit like trying to learn Python - there's so much documentation out there related to the dead 2.7 version that it takes a long time to build a comprehensive collection of Python 3.4 docs!

If I'm wrong and there's a "Asterisk 13 Quick Start" or even an A13 based book that I missed, that would be an excellent start!

Finally, a LOT of times when I try and post a new post of follow a notification, I get a phpbb error with just "information - return to the index page". Takes about 5 or 6 attempts to get the posting box up.
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