Asterisk CDR Data Output

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Asterisk CDR Data Output

Postby tricerolph » Sun Dec 20, 2015 2:37 pm


My first post so please excuse my ignorance in some terminology.

So I am looking to implement asterisk for PBX at our hotel.
I have a up an running testing install of FreePBX.

I have already implemented extensions, on hold music and IVR etc but am struggling on the last factor I need which is Call Logging.

As a hotel we need to log guests calls from the rooms for the calls which need charging.
Dispite our call package which offers inclusive minutes we obviously still want to allow (at a charge) mobile and international calls.

I have spent a while looking for solutions but am struggling so far.

The solution wants to be automatic and not require manual export of CSV and charge/import to the booking/account system.

Our previous system (BCM50) was installed with a 3rd software which output live CDR data on a com port which the booking system read and charged accordingly.

Although we are also changing our booking system the com port functionality is still available as an option.

Some relative points;
Asterisk does not need to calculate prices etc
All that is needed is call data in an automatic live basis
I can program the receiving software to interperate any consistent format so do not need a specific format of output just a format which is consistent that I can program a process for interperating it.

Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated.
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Re: Asterisk CDR Data Output

Postby ambiorixg12 » Mon Dec 21, 2015 3:32 pm

On FreePBX If the CDR is module properly configured, CDR is is saved on on the MYSQL database asteriskcdrdb table cdr.
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