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mgcp for help

Postby xitu » Fri Jan 08, 2016 3:49 am

aaln/1 , aaln/2 registration success.
aaln/1 call aaln/2 , aaln/2 ring , but aaln/1 can not hear ring-back tone ,
when aaln/2 offhook , aaln/1 and aaln/2 hang up automatic.

-- MGCP mgcp_new(MGCP/aaln/2@newrock-1) created in state: Down
-- Executing [6001@default:1] Dial("MGCP/aaln/2@newrock-1", "MGCP/aaln/1@newrock") in new stack
-- MGCP mgcp_request(aaln/1@newrock)
-- MGCP cw: 0, dnd: 0, so: 0, sno: 0
-- MGCP mgcp_new(MGCP/aaln/1@newrock-1) created in state: Down
-- Called MGCP/aaln/1@newrock
-- MGCP/aaln/1@newrock-1 is ringing
-- MGCP/aaln/1@newrock-1 answered MGCP/aaln/2@newrock-1
-- MGCP mgcp_answer(MGCP/aaln/2@newrock-1) on aaln/2@newrock-1
-- Remotely bridging MGCP/aaln/2@newrock-1 and MGCP/aaln/1@newrock-1
NOTICE[1853]: chan_mgcp.c:2804 handle_response: Terminating on result 400 from aaln/1@newrock-1
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