SS7 Configuration Problem

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SS7 Configuration Problem

Postby musharrof » Mon Feb 01, 2016 5:55 am


I have the platform which is running by ss7 signalling on Dialogic Card.
Now, i want to replace my existing existing platform with Digium Card TE820. According to my existing platform,i have 6 E1, 4 E1 is for inbound and others 2 E1 is for outbound. I tried to implement libss7-2.0.0 on asterisk 13.0.0 and Dahdi-2.10. One E1 is working fine which i configured cic 1-31, sigchan=16 on linkset 1. When i configured 2nd E1 which cic range are 32-62, call is connected but nothing hear. My Telco provide me the below cic range information:

Signalling Information: SLC00: Time Slot 16,CIC-16, Channel ID: 10
CIC-Range: 0-31 TID Range: 17824-17855 Frame:4 Slot: 12 Optical E1: 12 Board Type: E32
CIC-Range: 32-63 TID Range:17856-17887 Frame: 4 Slot: 12 Optical E1: 14 Board Type: E32
CIC-Range: 64-95 TID Range:17888-17919 Frame: 4 Slot: 12 Optical E1: 15 Board Type: E32

Signalling Information:SLC01: Time Slot 16;CIC- NOT found in MSC,Channel ID: 21
CIC-Range:96-96 TID Range:54080-54080 Frame: 6 Slot: 13 Optical: 1 E1: 13 Board Type: S2L
CIC-Range: 97-127 TID Range:37130-3743 Frame: 1 Slot: 14 Optical: 1 E1: 20 Board Type: E32
CIC-Range: 128-128 TID Range:54112-54112 Frame: 6 Slot: 13 Optical: 1 E1: 59 Board Type: S2L
CIC-Range: 129-159 TID Range: 3744-3774 Frame: 1 Slot: 14 Optical: E1: 21 Board Type: E32
CIC-Range: 160-160 TID Range: 54144-54144 Frame: 6 Slot: 13 Optical:1 E1: 60 Board Type: E32
CIC-Range: 161-161 TID Range: 3775-3775 Frame: 1 Slot: 14 Optical: E1: 21 Board Type: E32
CIC-Range: 162-191 TID Range: 3776-3805 Frame: 1 Slot: 14 Optical: E1: 22 Board Type: E32

Please help me how can i configure cic range according to my telco instruction?
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