Relay of CUCM SCCP (emulate phone) to Asterisk

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Relay of CUCM SCCP (emulate phone) to Asterisk

Postby yendor » Thu Aug 20, 2015 4:26 pm

HI there, I have been searching and found some very old topics similar to this and thought it was time to revisit this as development has came along way since then (2009/2010)

What I'm looking at doing is creating a bridge/trunk between my office phone network (Cisco) and my home asterisk system as I telecommute and travel a lot .

What i plan is to place a Machine (preference Small Raspberry Pi) at Work and have this Connect to the Work PBX via SCCP and have the box connect to my Asterisk System via IAX2/SIP (may do via VPN)

Now I can do all of this fine except the Emulate a SCCP client on the asterisk Box. Has anyone achieved this before of knows of any new projects that look at doing this?

I have looked at SCCP-B and skinny but had no luck so far.

Now for the points that cover previous old posts:
This will be a one-to-one join (One box one extension only)
No Work will not put in a SIP trunk as i have already asked. SCCP is the only allowed option
The are happy for me to connect via a Softphone (I have a virtual MAC assigned for a softphone)
I want to use for Inbound and outbound calls (so diversion in not an option)

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide
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Re: Relay of CUCM SCCP (emulate phone) to Asterisk

Postby drizuid » Thu Sep 24, 2015 3:17 pm

to ensure i understand, you need to register the asterisk (raspi) as a sccp client to the ucm. the asterisk (raspi) would then have a sip trunk to your home asterisk box.

you're not authorized to use a sip or an h323 trunk to accomplish this, so basically asterisk at work is simply a "phone"?

I have no idea if this is possible, but the clarification may help. Perhaps you can encourage your work to speak with a cisco var about this. I've done numerous integrations between cisco ucm and asterisk. realistically, even in pure cisco environments i push clients to move away from sccp and h323 in general (yes even in the ucm -> unity link) to include actual phones. sip is much easier to troubleshoot both from a trunking perspective and from an end-device perspective.
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