Distinguishing local and international calls for redial

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Distinguishing local and international calls for redial

Postby wooshell » Wed Jan 13, 2016 7:54 am

Hi all,
I've gone through quite a few attempts on tackling this issue, perhaps someone here can share some insights:
Is there any built-in way in Asterisk (or FreePBX, or SIP in general) to distinguish between local/inner-county and international calls?
I want to fix up the caller ID so my users can simply hit redial on a missed call, but this requires me to add 00 for local calls and 000 for international calls - something that I just can't figure out how to do.

Inner-country calls come in like 6641234567 (Austrian mobile), international calls come in like 49123451234567 (German landline). There's nothing to really distinguish them, e.g. both calls from Vienna and the USA start with a prefix of "1".

I've contacted our SIP provider Tele2 to see if they could probably transmit the caller ID in full international format, but they claim that this is a global setting and they can't change this for just one small customer.

Most solutions I found are built for the US market with their fixed area and number lengths, but in most EU countries the phone number length can vary greatly.

Has anyone managed to solve this before and could share their insights?
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Re: Distinguishing local and international calls for redial

Postby david55 » Wed Jan 13, 2016 11:19 am

This forum doesn't cover FreePBX.

Asterisk doesn't have built-in capabilities for such high level operations but it has the tools to implement them if you can specify an algorithm that unambiguously distinguishes the different cases. Will number length work?

The ITSP should fix this, as I consider it broken. I guess they are forwarding the digits received over ISDN without also forwarding the type of number (TON) code information, and that the ISDN operator is sending caller ID with different TONs, rather than sending them all in international format.

I imagine they will have problems with Skype for Business users, as that uses + format, international, numbers, for everything.

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