How to upload files?

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How to upload files?

Postby murphm4n » Tue Jan 16, 2007 2:39 pm

Guys, love the work so far..

However, has anyone worked out a way to upload files? (music on hold, phone logos, config files, tftp files, etc)?

I can't seem to be able to SFTP or SCP - access denied (all the time)

It's driving me crazy.. Help? Please?

Thanks :?:
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Postby tramm » Mon Jan 29, 2007 3:44 am

Poor English:
you can copy files via pscp.exe. But only admin has rights to use scp. Copy Files to admin@ip:filename and you have your files at /home/admin/ directory.
admin has only rights to copy to the /home/admin/ directory, copy to other directory's will get an error no rights.
You can then move as root to any directory.

To copy to any directory as root you have to edit a file, i thin in /etc/ directory. I'm not @home to have a look to my asterisk, so currently i don't know the filename to enable pscp for root.

Greetings Thomas

Hallo, du kannst die Dateien mit pscp.exe kopieren, aber nur der Admin-User hat das Recht scp auszuführen.
Der Befehl lautet: pscp c:\datei.ext admin@ip-adresse:zielname.ext
Die Datei befindet sich dann im /home/admin/ -Verzeichniss und kann mit root in jedes andere Verzeichniss kopiert werden.
Es gibt auch die Möglichkeit per root direkt in das Zielverzeichniss zu kopieren, dazu muss root jedoch das Recht bekommen. Dies kann in einer Config-Datei im /etc/ -Verzeichniss eingestellt werden.
Bin leider im Moment nicht zu Hause um nachzuschauen wie die Datei genau heist.

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Postby bkruse » Tue Jan 30, 2007 11:06 pm

I think he means from the GUI

You can always install an ftp server ontop of asteriskNOW or use SCP to admin, as the person above mentioned.

But as far as doing it from the GUI, this may be an option in the future, we will have to wait and see :]
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