edit config (.conf) manually or use gui all the time?

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edit config (.conf) manually or use gui all the time?

Postby kensikora » Tue Jan 16, 2007 8:35 pm

Is it the objective of AsteriskNow GUI to enable the user to make a working box without having to manually edit .conf files?

Or should the GUI be used in conjunction with manually editing files? For example, when attempting to create a Freeworlddialup IAX configuration, the gui does cause the user to show registered when using the command, "iax2 show registry".

However, I don't believe incoming or outgoing calls will work without editing the .conf files. The FWD site gives the following support info, so is the this necessesary or should all configuration be attempted through the GUI?

Thanks for clearing up my confusion!


You need to edit iax.conf and extensions.conf.


In the "[general]" section, please include register => FWDNUMBER:PASSWORD@iax2.fwdnet.net and make sure you set allow=ulaw

FWDNUMBER is replaced by your FWD number and PASSWORD is replaced by your FWD password

Also, add a section to allow iax2 calls from FWD



Add some defintions to the [globals] section

FWDNUMBER=MYFWDNUMBER ; your calling number
FWDCIDNAME="MyName"; your caller id
FWDRINGS=sip/office ; the phone to ring
FWDVMBOX=1000 ; the VM box for this user

and in the appropriate context add

exten => _393.,1,SetCallerId,${FWDCIDNAME}
exten => _393.,2,Dial(IAX2/${FWDNUMBER}
exten => _393.,3,Congestion

(you can replace the 393 ['fwd'] with '8' or whatever prefix youd like to reach FWD.)

and define a context in which calls from fwd terminate:

exten => ${FWDNUMBER},1,Dial(${FWDRINGS},20,r)
exten => ${FWDNUMBER},2,Voicemail,u${FWDVMBOX}
exten => ${FWDNUMBER},102,Voicemail,b${FWDVMBOX}

Don't forget to remove FWD's sip register command in sip.conf.

You will also need the freeworlddialup.pub key in your /var/lib/asterisk/keys/ directory. (If you installed from cvs after June 3, you probably have this file already.) If not, you can get it from this link.
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Postby robert_mcnaught » Thu Jan 25, 2007 6:52 pm


I am new to asterisk but cannot find the answer to this on the forum (surprisingly), although the answer is similar to this topic I believe.

I set up Linux on a PC (wiped off windows)

I then used the Asterisknow CD to boot from and it overwrote the linux that I installed previously (i believe).

I have asterisknow running on this machine and i can log into the GUI using other computers on the network so that is good.

I cannot work out how to edit the text files stored on the "server" - when I boot up it give me no other option but to boot up asterisk. I want to get to the Linux Command Line Interface in order to edit files etc and move about directories?

The answer to this I'm sure is pretty simple, but, as I say I am new to asterisk and need help

Can anyone out there help?


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Postby j4m3s » Thu Jan 25, 2007 9:09 pm

AsteriskNOW is still in development stages despite being called a beta... So additional functionality will be added as we get further along. The purpose of the GUI is to leave it up to the user's discretion to edit the conf files and/or use only the GUI. Granted there will always be functionality missing in the GUI that is available with editing configuration files. The GUI is designed to append to conf files or ignore existing configurations if the functionality is not available.

In other words, the GUI does its best to offer all of the features and options of Asterisk, but in the event that you can't, editing the configuration files *will not* hurt.

Robert, did you *install* AsteriskNOW or just boot from a CD? Unless you went thru an installation process, you're more than likely running the AsteriskNOW liveCD which is a temporary environment loaded into memory.

In the event that you aren't using a liveCD, from a keyboard connected to the system, press ALT+F2 and login with username 'admin' and password whatever you set during install. The configuration files are in /etc/asterisk
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Postby pari » Fri Jan 26, 2007 5:48 am

robert_mcnaught wrote: I want to get to the Linux Command Line Interface in order to edit files etc and move about directories?

As j4m3s said,

You can always open another virtual console ALT+F2 or ALT+F3 etc
alternatively you can also "ssh admin@ASTERISKNOW_IP" from a remote machine.

once you login, you can edit the asterisk config files in '/etc/asterisk/' directory

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