service providers disappear??

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service providers disappear??

Postby olsjohnluke » Fri Jan 19, 2007 2:36 pm

Installed from scratch yesterday, ran updates today to bring me to (0.9.6-1-1[~!asteriskgui.livecd] -> 0.9.6-2-1[~!asterisk-gui.livecd]). Set up service providers, calling rules, etc in the wizard. Programmed voice menus, worked fine. Go to make an outgoing call, i get a busy tone and the console tells me channel unavailable. I check the providers, there's my analog ports 3/4, check the calling rules, everything looks good, but still no outgoing calls... I go back to the providers, rename the analog ports from "Analog" back to "trunk_1" (I'd changed it during the wizard), and clicked OK, and it took it. Rebooted asterisk, BOOM. No providers.

To quote many before me, wtf?

Set up a new provider, it won't let me name it "trunk_1" saying it already exists (but it's not in the list!). But it will let me call it "analog", or "George". A little concerned, because I can't imagine a strong use case for having a disappearing providers list.
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