Beta4 & A note on nomenclature

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Beta4 & A note on nomenclature

Postby j4m3s » Wed Jan 24, 2007 1:40 am

In trying to coordinate with our press releases, this latest *beta* release has been called "Beta4". Beta3 was an interim release distributed as a LiveCD to attendees at ITExpo (which is happening right now). The release at the trade show was cut over a week ago and lacks many GUI updates and bug fixes; purely for demonstration purposes. We've gone thru a couple builds since and finally got a good stopping point to release a follow-up to beta2 (which now offers registration within the gui and is not required to download). Enough changed in the gui, to warrant an iteration, thus beta4.

On a minor note, you can essentially think of these releases as 0.9.x releases as we are quickly approaching a production-ready GPL Asterisk appliance (that's a contradiction in terms, i know). So much of the lower-level framework of the conary repos are subject to change between now and the 1.0 release. Not much will change much from an average user's perspective (at least some improved skins hopefully). This message serves merely as a warning and a reminder that this is just a beta, (alpha even :wink:).
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