AsteriskNOW and FWD Config (How)

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AsteriskNOW and FWD Config (How)

Postby jedmonds » Sun Mar 18, 2007 2:09 pm

I have seen many demos on Asterisk@Home, but I choose AsteriskNOW as it was a complete solution & very easy to install.

I have a straight forward configuration question;
Can I configure FWD inbound/outbound via IAX on AsteriskNOW using only the GUI (no manually editing .conf files)? If so how?

My Setup is;
My FWD account is setup for IAX.
IAX port is open on my firewall.
I use Xlite (SIP) softphone.
I can call my internal extensions all day long (6001,6002,6003,6004) with out any problems.

By reading & reviewing many config examples and by manually editing extensions.conf I was able to get inbound FWD calls to my extensions x6001. Inbound worked great, but I was never able to at any point dial out to FWD.

After way to many manual .conf edits I reinstalled AsteriskNow starting from scratch. After installing and going through the Setup Wizard my inbound/outbound to FWD does not work, again.
Inbound calls give a "830xxx@default" does not exist.
Outbound calls give a CODEX error.

Any assistance would be geatly appreciated!
Best Regards,
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AsteriskNOW and FWD Config (How)

Postby GerryArmstrong » Tue Apr 17, 2007 7:31 am

Try setting the codec to ulaw to solve this problem. To do this you need to go to "Options" then "Advanced", expand the IAX configuration and check your Codecs section. Set the Disallowed to "all" and then the Allowed to "ulaw" and it should work. FWD requires ulaw.
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