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G729 Codec

Postby difesanchez » Thu Sep 11, 2014 9:36 am

Hello to everyone,

Well, I new in this forum and in asterisk too. My question is based on the G729 codec, I am reading a lot of forums where recommend this codec for GSM internet connection and I want to use this codec for implement this in my own android app.

How can I integrated this in a android app?


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Re: G729 Codec

Postby david55 » Fri Sep 12, 2014 4:01 am

The reason for recommending this is likely to be that it is sufficiently lower bit rate than GSM full rate that you can still fit a voice channel into the space used with a GSM full rate codec, even when you allow for VoIP overheads. Of course, as it is being used over a service designed for intermittent data, not for speech, you cannot expect the same quality as you would get if the bandwidth was being used for a GSM codec being used over the mobile voice network; you can expect high jitter and packet loss at times.

(It does also have a higher mean opinion score than normal GSM full rate, although it is comparable to GSM EFR.)

Your question has very little to do with Asterisk.

Unless your Android phone vendor has already packaged the phone with a G.729 codec, I think you may find it almost impossible to buy a licence for quantity one use of the codec, as I don't think there is any B2C market in that codec. If they have packaged the codec in the phone, I'd suggest using their developer forum.
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