Installed AsteriskNOW, where is app_confbridge?

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Installed AsteriskNOW, where is app_confbridge?

Postby petrijr » Wed Nov 12, 2014 12:43 am

I just installed the AsteriskNOW appliance v3.0.1 with Asterisk 11.7.0 and I'm looking for confbridge but can't find it?

On the FreePBX Advanced Settings I have on the Conference Room App-selection the options 'app_meetme' and 'app_confbridge' and I when I selected app_confbridge, I got all sorts of errors on the asterisk CLI console. Mostly something like ast_context_verify_includes: 'Context app-recordings' tries to include nonexistent context 'app-recordings-custom'. Not sure if those have anything to do with confbridge itself.

On the FreePBX System Status I see the notice after I changed the Conference Room app to app_confbridge:
"Your Conference Room App (ASTCONFAPP) was automatically changed from app_confbridge to app_meetme because app_confbridge is not installed on your Asterisk installation
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I checked /usr/lib/asterisk/modules and seems to be there.

So how do I make app_confbridge work? How do I install it to Asterisk?
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