Setting up Small project

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Setting up Small project

Postby jfeuchter » Sat Nov 15, 2014 2:28 pm

Hello people,

Im really new to all this and Ive been trying to set up a small VOIP with asterisknow. Ive set up asterisknow on a virtuarmachine VMware, also I have a switch which is a enterasys and a few Mitel IP Phones.

So far Ive been able to make a softphone call another with the static IP I set on asterisknow (ip address subnetmask Default Gateway I created two extentions on the freepbx GUI and it worked fine on the same computer. Now that I want to connect to a phisical phone I cant find how to do this. Ive configured the phone to have the ip same mask same default gw.

As for the enterasys switch I gave it the next config
ip address
Also I created a VLan and included all the fe from 1 to 10 (it has 48)
As extra data I have the computer were asterisknow is running with the ip address

I got the phone on port 2 the computer(with vmware and asterisknow) on port 3 and a computer (where im setting up the switch) on port 2

Im lost from here, I dont know what Im suppose to do.

I tried pinging from the computer with the switch configuration to the phone and it works. But when I try pingin asterisknow it wont respong but also when I try pinging the computer were asterisknow is the ping is recived. I dont know why this is happening. Could anyone tell me a good tutorial or something I can look at to connect the phisical phone to asterisk now and configuring correctly the switch or my computer so I can ping asterisknow too.

if you have any questions please do ask :D

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps :P
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Re: Setting up Small project

Postby david55 » Sun Nov 16, 2014 7:51 am

Is there any chance of doing this without FreePBX? This is the wrong place for FreePBX support and the FreePBX dialplan can make debugging difficult.

Please provide logs at at least verbosity 5. You may need to provide SIP debug logs, later. If you are able to eliminate FreePBX, please provide extensions.conf, and sip.conf. If not, please provide sip.conf and the transitive closure of what it includes (everything that can be found by following #includes, at every level, starting from there).
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