New user, new install, configuration opinions

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New user, new install, configuration opinions

Postby af7u » Sat Nov 22, 2014 1:03 am

Greetings everyone,
New user here... I would like to use/learn more about AsteriskNOW. I have the file 'AsteriskNOW-current-i386-DVD.iso' installed on a .386 machine and that went very well along with all updates, FreePBX and it's associated updates. I am slowly getting familiar with everything and have gotten two phones to dial. I have some fundamental configuration questions regarding the system. I have searched for specifics regarding the contents of the /tftpboot directory with spectacularly differing results so I thought I would post here.

I am running several Cisco 7960 phones set for SIP and running POS308-12-00. I am curious what files should be placed in /tftpboot directory. Currently I have these files shown below in the /tftpboot directory. The phones reach each other, but is this a good or correct /tftpboot configuration? I believe I have a good understanding of what each file consists of and what they do but I am not sure if AsteriskNOW needs these or others.

SIP<mac_addr phone 1>.cnf
SIP<mac_addr phone 2>.cnf

I do have another question regarding 'NAT'... on the 'FreePBX/Extensions' screen, under 'This device uses sip technology" under 'nat', if I click 'YES' I get an (out INV) message upon dialing, I assume thats 'Outgoing call - Invalid'? If I chose 'No - RFC3581' , the extensions can reach each other.

My next adventure is an incoming DID trunk... thoughts regarding that would be appreciated too~!

Thanks in advance,
~Michael - AF7U
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