NOOB needing some help/advice

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NOOB needing some help/advice

Postby jafisher2000 » Sun Nov 23, 2014 9:09 am

I’m installing AstriskNow in a VM environment and need a little help. I’m trying to learn Asterisk and I have a dedicated server in a data center to which I installed Virtual Box and setup up as eth0 as a bridge connection & eth1 as an internal network. There is no upstream firewall. Eth0 has a routable static IP & eth1 has my internal network. I will be using the Linux firewall with Centos 6.6. I have noticed that Asterisk binds to eth0. I was wanting to setup centos as a router and put Asterisk on the internal network and forward ports as needed to the pbx. I need to know what conf files to modify to do this. I will setup a VPN from my house to the server and using a softphone on my cell phone. I went with this setup so when I get things working I could easily move the PBX to a dedicated server. I’m sure I have forgotten some info too. Any help/suggestion very much appreciated.
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Re: NOOB needing some help/advice

Postby david55 » Sun Nov 23, 2014 9:44 am

First advice: use a title that contains a summary of the question.

If you want to learn Asterisk, don't start with every complication in the book. Start with a real machine (e.g. dual boot) with one interface and only non-NATted local (hard) phones. To use this sort of forum well you need to ask single issue questions.

What evidence do you have for Asterisk binding to a particular port. It should bind to, unless you configure otherwise.

All the Asterisk configuration relevant to networking should be in sip.conf, except for the local port number range, which is in rtp.conf.
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