Unable to route calls inbound

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Unable to route calls inbound

Postby doublview » Tue Jan 13, 2015 4:58 am

Hi all.

I'm running freepbx and I'm having trouble with the inbound call routing.

To cut a long story short, I can make outgoing calls with my sip trunk provider but cannot recive them.

Sometimes when I call my own number, I get the asterisk server responding with "the extension you have dialed is not in service", and then most of the time I just get the SIP providers own message saying that the extension is not in service.

I did a tcp packet dump on my asterisk server, and packets are flying in with SIP invite requests when I make a call from the outside (mayby 2 or 3 packets) but then after a split second, the sip providers error message then plays.

Not too sure about port forwarding or NAT, I gave it a bit of a try, doesn't seem to be working (if i even configured it correctly).

I have attempted to add port forwarding to my server from my router to allow ports 10000 - 20000 and also 5060.

Just wondering if anyone can help?

Ive added an inbound route with my DID number. even two of them, one has a DID and the other does not (this is what my sip provider told me to do).

These inbound routes are told to go to my main extension. Ive even followed a test procedure on the internet to see if calls are even making it through from the outside by transferring all calls on to hold "forever" to see if I can try and call, and hear music. I cannot hear music. however If i make an outgoing call to my cell phone and push the hold button, then I can hear music clearly.

IF anyone can help i would be appreciated.

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