IVR Fails To Hangup On Timeout & Invalid Entry

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IVR Fails To Hangup On Timeout & Invalid Entry

Postby polaris100 » Mon Apr 20, 2015 4:54 pm

Just upated from an older Asterisk system to new 64 bit AsteriskNow v6.12 with SHMZ & Asterisk modules fully updated. Got the Polycoms, extensions & trunks working well. The one flaw is with the IVR. It's a simple IVR that allows the caller to dial an extension or dial zero to leave voicemail. The IVR loops the greeting twice. After the two loops inputs other than those two should terminate the call with a goodbye message. The FreePBX IVR menu has "Terminate Call" & "Hangup" as the chosen selection for both Invalid Destination and Timeout Destination fields. Everything is working with the IVR except Asterisk is not terminating the call for invalid entries or timeouts. Instead it delivers a fast busy signal for both situations for like another 30 seconds or more.

Is there a known issue with hangup on this build? What is the best way to correct this?

Attached is the IVR segment from extensions_additional.conf

Thanks in advance for any assistance!
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Re: IVR Fails To Hangup On Timeout & Invalid Entry

Postby david55 » Tue Apr 21, 2015 12:51 am

FreePBX isn't supported here. For peer support for FreePBX use http://community.freepbx.org/
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