Disable warning: .htaccess files are disabled ...

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Disable warning: .htaccess files are disabled ...

Postby jwsmythe » Thu May 07, 2015 5:45 pm

I'm looking for the "easy" and "right" way to disable the ".htaccess files are disabled" warnings.

I've been going through a lot of work to upgrade OpenSSL, Apache, and PHP on AsteriskNOW. I had to set it up with PHP-FPM via fcgi to make PHP 5.3.x work with Apache 2.4.x.

Because it's using PHP this way, it throws this message:

.htaccess files are disabled on this webserver. Please enable them
Module: "FreePBX Framework", File: "/var/www/html/admin/.htaccess altered"

I understand why. I needed to write a cron to comment out "php_value max_input_vars 5000" in the .htaccess files. Updates have already stomped on my changes once, which is why there's a cron doing it now. I already increased the value in php.ini, so it's redundant.

I don't recall seeing a setting to turn off this warning. I could mod the code to disable the warning, but I don't want it stomped on with the next update.

Here's all the relevant version stuff.

AsteriskNOW Install ISO: Version 6.12.65-26
Current Asterisk version: 13.3.2
Current FreePBX version: 12.0.63

Apache version: Apache 2.4.12
PHP-FPM version: 5.3.28-3.shmz65
OpenSSL: OpenSSL 1.0.1m

And yes, I build RPMs for all the software upgrades (except PHP-FPM), so it's reproducable and can upgrade itself if it eventually becomes standard for AsteriskNOW. The only non-standard "hard" part from there was setting up the Apache configs.
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