Install AsteriskNow on embedded System with Serial Out only

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Install AsteriskNow on embedded System with Serial Out only

Postby simeonitron » Wed Oct 28, 2015 8:20 am

Hello Community,

this is my first Post on this Forum.
I do some installation with AsteriskNow on normal PCs, an it do a great job.

Now we want to install AsteriskNow on an embedded system with serial out only, but i cant find a way to do this with asterisk now.

The embedded system is APU1D from PC-Engines, with 3 LAN ports an serial out. Asterisk should be installed on a 16gb msata card the system included.

I try a workaround with the msata slot of my laptop, but asterisknow havent the drivers for the hardware so the install fails. in the next step i installed centos 7 on my notebook, activate serial-out and sshd, this worked, so i can start the os on the APU. The OS runs fine, i can download an setup freepbx with a guide from internet.

but... this is a unclean way, where i have to use my laptop for the installation.

back to the initial question: is the a possibilty to activate serial out on the installationmedia or reconfigure/activate it before use?
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