Paging with AsteriskNow and Digium Phones

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Paging with AsteriskNow and Digium Phones

Postby swalker2001 » Mon Nov 16, 2015 9:16 am

Until a week ago we still used DPMA for our D70 phones (D40 and D50 sets had already been moved to Endpoint Manager). When we moved our five D70s to Endpoint Manager, all paging stopped working.

I cannot figure out how to get paging working for these phones. There seems to be a lot of info about how paging has been a problem for non-DPMA Digium phones but I also see posts that indicate those problems should be gone now. Haven't seen any recent posts on the subject and am hoping someone can help.

We are on FreePBX and Asterisk 13.5.0. Phones are on firmware 1_4_2.

The alerts mentioned as needing to be in the phones for paging to work are in the basefile for the phones in EPM:

<alert alert_info="answer" ringtone_id="Digium" ring_type="answer" />
<alert alert_info="normal" ringtone_id="Digium" ring_type="normal" />
<alert alert_info="visual" ringtone_id="" ring_type="visual" />
<alert alert_info="intercom" ringtone_id="" ring_type="answer" />

Hoping someone has paging working with these phones and can tell me where I'm going wrong.

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