Snatch call from IVR

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Snatch call from IVR

Postby lost_k » Mon Jan 11, 2016 8:52 am

I'm trying to find a way to "snatch" or answer a call after it's already been taken by the IVR. We have a small staff and office and cannot always answer the phone, but we like to see who's calling, so we have the system set to do two rings - which allows enough time to display caller ID, and if your sitting at your desk, answer the phone. If not, it goes into the IVR and callers can select the appropriate option. I am trying to find a way to still answer the call if you miss it with those first two rings. something like using 555 to listen, except I'd like to dump the IVR and take over the call.
Any thoughts would be appreciated (besides increase ring time, or don't do it lol)
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Re: Snatch call from IVR

Postby david55 » Mon Jan 11, 2016 11:25 am

There are various call pickup options in pure Asterisk, and you could store the channel name of the last caller, keyed by the called extension, and then use the Bridge application to force a takeover of that channel.

FreePBX will likely get in the way of the above, but you shouldn't be asking about FreePBX here.

Also, this is not about the installer, so for pure Asterisk, you should be using Asterisk Support.
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