FreePBX and Groundwire, No audio on incoming calls

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FreePBX and Groundwire, No audio on incoming calls

Postby jon89 » Sat Jan 23, 2016 7:17 pm


I have been fighting with this issue for weeks, and I am hoping someone else has tried this before and figured it out, but searching yields nothing all that useful.

I am using FreePBX on the PBX side, and for the softphone app the latest version of Acrobits Groundwire on iOS 9. I have set Groundwire up for push notifications through the direction of Acrobits. The issue I have is that when I answer a call when outside of the app (while their push server is registered with my PBX), I do not get any audio in either direction. Outgoing calls from the app work fine, and answering the call while in the app works fine as well as setting the incoming call settings for "Keep Device Awake." For battery life's sake, and for being able to receive a call notification even if the app is not running, I would like to use push notifications.

I have tweaked just about every NAT setting in the extension, and every setting possible in the app, but have gotten nowhere. Has anyone made this work before?

Thanks in advance!

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