Iaxy Codec mismatch

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Iaxy Codec mismatch

Postby pierolodato » Mon Jan 08, 2007 4:18 pm

I have AsteriskNow instaled and Iaxy S100I (the blue one), the log show this message:

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[Jan  8 16:39:27] NOTICE[1840] chan_iax2.c: Rejected connect attempt from, requested/capability 0x4/0x24 incompatible with our capability 0xe703.

I believe that "0x4" means ulaw codec in the Iaxy, and "0xe703" is the codec in the Iax2 peer in the AsteriskNow, I found this typing "iax2 show peer 6000" in the CLI:

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*CLI> iax2 show peer 6000

* Name           : 6000
Secret           : <Set>
Context          : numberplan-custom-1
Mailbox          : 6000
Dynamic          : Yes
Callerid         : "El Tigre" <>
Expire           : 145
ACL              : No
Addr->IP         : Port 4569
Defaddr->IP      : Port 4569
Username         :
Codecs           : 0xe703 (g723|gsm|g729|speex|ilbc)
Codec Order      : (none)
Status           : Unmonitored

How can I set the codec in the iax2 peer in tha AsteriskNow to ulaw?
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