Is there a way to make a local number the same as DID

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Is there a way to make a local number the same as DID

Postby facha » Thu Jan 11, 2007 2:12 am

Hello, everyone.
In AsweriskNOW wizard the local numbers are 4-5 digits long. Is there a way to set them the same as the numbers, given to me by SIP provider (9 digits long)?
Sorry for possibly a dumb question. I'm making first steps. May be it's more of a concept that I don't understand. I would like each of my users to have just one telephone number - the one given by SIP provider. However, as wizard suggests, each user will have two - one for internal calls (4-5 digits) and one for external (9 digits). If for one reason or another it is absolutely nesesary, is there a way to hide 4-5 digit number from a user, so he doesn't even know it exists and always uses 9 digit number for all types of calls.
Thanks in advance. [/i]
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