Cisco 7910 IP Phone and Terrible Asterisk Prompt Quality

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Cisco 7910 IP Phone and Terrible Asterisk Prompt Quality

Postby 02walshe » Sat Nov 22, 2008 7:21 am


After some tinkering, I've managed to get a Cisco 7910 phone to work with my asteriskNOW box (Just after a fresh install). I can get clear calls between the 7910 and my PAP ATA phone. What I can't get is clear asterisk prompts. Voicemail, and all prompts from asterisk are so jumbled you hear the first few nano-seconds, before silence. I think it's to do with codecs, but I'm not sure. The CLI shows the stats and the jutter value is about 300 for a 5 second call. any information would be appreciated.

Thanks, 02walshe

Hardware Info:
Asterisk: AsteriskNOW

PAP ATA: Linksys PAP2T, Software Version: 3.1.15(LS), Hardware Version: 0.1.5, Customization: Open

Cisco IP Phone: Cisco 7910G Series IP Phone. Configured with SCCP.

Links: ... 417-u.html ... light=7910
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