vtech ip-8100 phones do-able with Asterisk/AsteriskNOW?

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vtech ip-8100 phones do-able with Asterisk/AsteriskNOW?

Postby brcisna » Mon Jan 19, 2009 7:04 pm

Hello list,

I have Googled high and low without a definitive answer. Is anyone actually using the V-Tech IP-8100 in conjunction with Asterisk/AsteriskNow? Reason I am asking I have actually used this set for almost 4 years now with Vonage and really like the construction of them/battery life etc. I'm trying to get AsteriskNow working( with soft phones for now) and would like to possibly use another pair of these for Asterisk as well. they cover an average household nicely and has all the features I need.
I have read many posts were people *almost* have them working but have not actually read of anyone using them on a daily basis with Asterisk. A single or pair of these can be had on Ebay boxed/sealed for about $40.

Thank You,
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Re: vtech ip-8100 phones do-able with Asterisk/AsteriskNOW?

Postby vidmaster2000 » Wed Mar 20, 2013 9:56 am

I finally got my IP-8100 to work with Asterisk. I'm running firmware vtech-11.4.0-r060330-4.016.1-r000015 which I got from the following page:

http://httpconfig.vonage.net/vtech-11.4 ... 000015.img

I've read just about every page on this device as I could and I've noticed that none of them have tried the following, which is weird in and of itself that it works.

1.) Make sure the WAN interface is getting a DHCP address.
2.) Set the LAN interface to a static address on your network.
3.) After ensuring that you've got the proper firmware loaded, plug both interfaces into your router/switch.

For some reason, my IP-8100 would not register without both interfaces plugged into the same network. If anyone needs any of my config settings, please let me know.
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Re: vtech ip-8100 phones do-able with Asterisk/AsteriskNOW?

Postby nutters » Sat Aug 03, 2013 9:21 pm

Thanks Vidmaster2000 for link to the firmware.
I live in Australia and have an unlocked lower version of Firmware: 11.4.1-r070125 everything works except from locally in Australia we use 000 for emergency instead of 911 and we have local fee rates using a number starting with 13.
Neither of these numbers work apparently because of the firmware.
I have done some research and some firmware appears to have a Port 1 Configuration page that sets out the - Dial Plan: eg:
I think this is where I can state these numbers so that they will work.
I do not appear have this page in my firmware or where I can put in the Dial Plan.
Does your firmware have this page with the Dial Plan? Or do you have any ideas how I can get around it?
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