A few good questions:

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A few good questions:

Postby mmosier » Thu Feb 18, 2010 11:50 am

Hey all...

My company currently uses trixbox CE for installs. I really want to get away from trixbox and start Asterisk Now installs but have a few questions and concerns.

1. what is the largest install you have done with asteriskNow?
2. Is anyone using AsteriskNow as their main solution for PBX's to clients?
3. What do y'all do about phone provisioning that is the one thing that trixbox has over AstNow?
4. If I have two drives a small 32gig drive for the /boot and the other for all of the changing directories what file system should I put in the small (it's a solid state drive we want to use mostly for the OS etc... the other is for VM's log files ect..) drive and which folders would you suggest putting on the larger drive like /etc /lib /usr.
5. if I do split up the file system would freePBX or asterisk have a problem with that?

thanks for the answers

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