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Newbe stuff

Postby mj_wald » Sun Apr 18, 2010 3:26 pm

I have not messed with Asterisk since '06, before there was a qui, now I have a need for it.
I downloaded Asterisknow. Burned CD, Installed it. All good. Logged into the web gui, good so far.

I have a old Soyo g668 sip phone. Ran through the config for it, added new user to Asterisk. It just tells me log fail
I downloaded x-lite soft phone. Ran though configs, added user. Get error 408

I look both of these up on line, how easy, there were even screen shots of all the settings. Still nothing.

Any insight would be helpful. I know its not much to go on.

Also, what's the dif between Asterisknow and the compile ver. of Asterisk?
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