Analog vs. Digital lines; Fax server

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Analog vs. Digital lines; Fax server

Postby acaksell » Wed Sep 08, 2010 7:10 pm

I have analog lines and an old hardware controlled external USRobotics 28.8 modem. I am not sold yet on making the total conversion to digital trunk lines, and I want to try a fax server first. Depending on how it works, I may need to keep one analog line.

Q: If I connect the modem to the analog line, and if Linux/Asterisk recognizes the modem, do I still need an analog/digital telephony card? The POTS line gives tone, the modem handles tip/ring on the serial or parallel port, so will Asterisk talk to the modem without a card? If so, them my fax server should be complete. Obviously, to make voice calls I would need an analog to digital card with voice capability, but I remember long ago some reference that Asterisk worked with some voice modems, and that the analog/digital card was not necessary.

Q: I have looked into digital trunk lines, and they fail to mention what some other posts have found: you can assign only one Area Code, and all other Area Codes will be charged long distance rates to call you. My area has at least 4 other Local Area Codes, so this dumps the cost of my system on others. Also, the idea of saving by reducing the analog line to the most Basic of service means that you still have to pay extra for CallerID which cannot be duplicated by Asterisk. Is there a solution so that the switch to a digital trunk line operates the same as the old analog line in your local calling area without needing to keep an enhanced analog line?
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