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Suggested hardware

Postby JasonRA » Wed Jan 12, 2011 11:44 am

I am looking to build a AsteriskNOW systems that will be performing the following...

120 users - don't ever see a need for more than 200.
2 conference rooms, one with 30 users, and one with 25 users. All on SIP devices connected on local LAN. Calls will last 12+ hours a day, 3 days a week from April thru Oct.
Also 30 additional phone locations, most will be analog connections, mostly for internal communication, with minimal usage.
also 30 office phones with light-medium to medium usage.

So, I will have approx. 50 users on SIP based conference calls, and I expect 30 more connections maximum at any given time between internal dial, and external dialing.
I Will be utilizing a T1 connection

I was thinking dual intel quad core processors,(version undecided) 6GB or so of ram, dual Gig-ethernet ports, reduntant power, and room for probably 4 digium TDM2400 cards.

Will this be enough? What would be recommended hardware be for my proposed system?

Thanks to all!!
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