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Re: how to access console of Linux

Postby rmontgomery » Wed Feb 09, 2011 2:53 pm

When you start your AsteriskNOW system the first time after installation, you should see a black screen with a prompt to "login." Type "root" as your username and then the password you set during the installation process.

You can also use ssh to connect from another system on the network. Create a user account and set a password:
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useradd tstuart
passwd tstuart

Then you can use an ssh client to connect when you're away from the console. Try PuTTY on Windows, or just open a Terminal window from Mac OS X or Linux and run ssh tstuart@hostname where hostname is the hostname or IP address of your Asterisk system. By default, ssh does not allow root to login directly. It's considered safer to use a regular account to connect, then use "sudo" or "su" to assume super-user (root) privilege.

You'll find the Asterisk configs in /etc/asterisk. Enjoy!
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