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NEWBEE needs advise

Postby Eddi1984 » Tue Feb 15, 2011 4:41 pm

Hi Asterisk PROS!! :lol:

I have never installed Asterisk on a machine :( . Not even AsteriskNOW :oops: . But that is about to change :) .
Well, I understand the technical and software site and can work with Linux OS. I just had never the chance to get my hands "dirty" on Asterisk.

I need your help, if that what I want, will actually work, having a newbee on the configurating end...

I have:
- Dual Core PS system
- 3 analog phone lines, one has distinct ring (for fax)
- Brother MFC-8xxx fax machine
- Gigabit network setup, PoE is possible with injectors (for phones)

Recommendations needed:
- What Polycom phones to buy that support my goals
- What card to buy (to support FXO and FXS)

My goal:
I need to setup a phone system with:
- 8 phones VoIP internal (I was looking at the Polycom 500 or 501 or 600 or 601 phones. Is that a good choice???)
- 1 or 2 Wifi cordless (not sure on brand, any good recommendations??)
- Voice Mail that can be checked with a phone set and also receiving an email with the VM attached as mp3 or wma file.
- 1 fax machine using distinct ring (prefer distinct ring, is cheaper)
- One way paging to phones and overhead speakers (2 different modes; 1st mode: page all phones and speakers; 2nd mode: page speakers only)

This should do it for the start. :mrgreen:

Can I get some help and specific answers, please!

Thanks a bunch!! :D

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