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Getting Started...

Postby ramseyrt » Fri Mar 25, 2011 11:32 pm


So, I came across an article in this month's (March 2011) Maximum PC on running an Asterisk PBX at home. That seems like a pretty sweet idea for a free or cheap house phone.

For the last two days I've been combing the internet for information on how to get a VOIP solution configured at home from beginning to end. I've found forums, how-to's, FAQs, YouTube Videos, O'Reilly books, and more. Apparently there really is a million ways to get this going in a million environments. Analysis paralysis!

I've downloaded AsteriskNOW (1.7.1 32-bit) and installed it inside of VMWare on my laptop (I have a PC to install this on but I'm waiting on a new mobo battery). I chose the 1.6 FreePBX option during installation time.

The install and subsequent update, via yum, went fine. I can access the FreePBX web page on the AsteriskNOW PBX server. Everything seems to be working normally. However, I haven't actually done anything with it yet but log in.

I purchased (Craig's List) and updated (v8.12 SIP Image) two Cisco 7960G IP phones. Those seem to be working normally, however I haven't done anything with them yet either. I used this PDF as a guide for updating my two phones: ... Phones.pdf

So, it's my understanding that FreePBX is a GUI interface for manipulating the Asterisk software and the Asterisk software is what does the heavy lifting PBX wise. Do I really need to read a 600 page O'Reilly book to make this work at home? Looking at the Asterisk and FreePBX website, I haven't found a simple getting started guide. Most of the other stuff I've found on the web is for pretty sophisticated stuff or is targeted as someone who's already in the VOIP biz.

Here's what I'd like to do... First, I'd like to be able to make each of my IP phones capable of calling the other IP phone. I know that's not real exciting but it would verify that my hardware and software is working. Second, I'd like to see what's involved in getting a real phone number (Google Voice?) for one (using extensions) or both of the phones.

Any thing you could provide me with would be appreciated!


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