Check the markup if busy or unanswered

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Check the markup if busy or unanswered

Postby Amazing » Thu Nov 22, 2012 4:52 am

Hello, I am implementing a telephone server asterisk in PHPAGI and I would check that if I call is busy or does not answer in

time, I go to another phone.

How could I?

My implementation is:

if ($ r1 ['Code'] == 'xxxx')
$ AGI-> exec ('Dial', "SIP/xxxxxxxxxxxx/00xxXXXXXXXXX,". $seconds. "hr");
$ AGI-> hangup ();
$ agi-> wav ('Error');
$ AGI-> hangup ();

00xxXXXXXXXXX is the phone number to which the call is made, but I'd put another alternative.

Thank you.
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