[Outbound Call] Voice not clear on Customer

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[Outbound Call] Voice not clear on Customer

Postby mosesintelix » Thu Apr 25, 2013 6:53 am

We face a problem in our customers, when agents call customer voice heard by the customer is not clear, while customer voice clearly heard by the agent.

We are hard to determine the cause of this issue. Whether due to network issues, bandwidth issues or problems in the server itself

Here is a picture of its infrastructure:

Softphone (agent) -------------> asterisk server ---------------------> SIP Provider-----------> Customer

IP Softphone (10.1.49.X)
IP Server, eth0 : (conencted to swith LAN), eth1: ( point to point TO sip server provider)
IP SIP SERVER provider :
Bandwidth sip server to sip server provider : 2Mbps

Please help me to resolve this issue. Example pcap can download on: ... d717f.pcap

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