AsteriskNow PBX vs. Asterisk Comm Framework.

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AsteriskNow PBX vs. Asterisk Comm Framework.

Postby jbram » Mon Jul 01, 2013 6:57 pm

What is the main difference between the two downloads? What are the limitations of the AsteriskNow Software PBX? We are a Avaya/Nortel and ESI shop, but have seen some recent RFPs out wanting to use open source telephony and we would like to "get into it".

In the school system setting we have seen the Asterisk platform as the communications solution for phones (Digium mainly) as well as the intercom system including an interface for activation of speakers as well as a full blown bell schedule with insertion of wav files and pre-loaded prompts. Would the AsteriskNow software allow for the bell schedule functionality?

Any input or discussion would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: AsteriskNow PBX vs. Asterisk Comm Framework.

Postby david55 » Mon Jul 01, 2013 11:44 pm

There are two ways of using AsteriskNOW, with and without FreePBX. With FreePBX you have all the traditional GUI limitations (easy is very easy, but difficult is impossible), and you will have problems debugging if things go wrong as you won't understand how FreePBX is using Asterisk.

Without FreePBX, the main limitation will be that you will not get some of the more exotic channel drivers and you don't get to choose details of the operating system.
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