configure Asterisk to outbound calls and inbound calls

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configure Asterisk to outbound calls and inbound calls

Postby ovidiocatrina » Thu Jul 11, 2013 8:46 am

hi there

I am new with Asterisk, this will be my first experience :P

After i read the manual on how to configure it, the dial plans, register phones and etc etc.

I wonder on how could I be able to route phone calls from a VoIP phone registered with Asterisk to an external phone that is not registered to my Asterisk.

I supose i have to conect it to PBX system and route the phone, but if i want to have the Asterisk in the clouds how could I do that?

for example.

lets say my client phone number is : 976-123-456

and i have the asterisk on the cloud.

how could i route my outgoing calls trough this number :976-123-456 and how could i route the incoming calls to an extension of one of my phones.

thank you in advanced.
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