Recommendations with upgrading/updating AsteriskNOW/Asterisk

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Recommendations with upgrading/updating AsteriskNOW/Asterisk

Postby butlerkevind » Wed Jul 31, 2013 11:23 am

Greetings all. I am relatively new to Asterisk/FreePBX/Linux, so please try not to rain down on me like a ton of lead ingots regarding my following query:

I have inherited by virtue of my new position at my job an AsteriskNOW v1.7.1 server on CentOS v5.5, Asterisk version is currently v1.6..2.20 and FreePBX v2.9.x.x. To date, I have successfully migrated this implementation from a physical HA dual-server configuration to a single virtualized host on VMware ESXi with no problems (save a few MySQL password issues). The former and current servers manage less than 80 Cisco 79xx series handsets. We have had no issues with jitter with our server being virtualized.

My questions consist of the following:

1. My attempts to update my virtualized PROD server cloned in VMware to a DEV server from Asterisk v1.6.2.20 to v1.8.7.0-2 have been somewhat successful. The only thing I have had to do is rebuild the config files on my extensions, and all works. My main issue is attempting to upgrade the FreePBX version from v2.9.x.x to v2.10.x.x. The upgrade succeeds, but afterwards any attempts to add new extensions to the DEV server results in the extension(s) failing to register itself with the server. Additionally, any current extensions that are operational after the upgrade will fail to register if I make any changes to them (i.e., assign an extension a new number based upon its MAC address), or should they be rebooted/restarted manually or by virtue of resetting the patch cable to the phone.

2. I have been successful in taking my backup file based upon Asterisk v1.8.7.0-2 and FreePBX v2.9.x.x, restoring it to a base AsteriskNOW v2.0.2 consisting of Asterisk v1.8.x.x and FreePBX v2.10.x.x installation, and updating/upgrading the necessary files and modules to the point I do not receive any blatant errors during said update/upgrade. However, I end up with the same issues as mentioned above with the inability of my extensions registering with the DEV server, regardless if it is a new extension, a reconfigured existing extension, or . Thoughts regarding this. (Additionally, I can provide my still somewhat raw step-by-step script for review)

3. My trolling Google has resulted in numerous finds stating either it is possible to upgrade based upon my current setup, or start over from scratch and rebuild upon a new platform/install. Unfortunately, to date I have been unsuccessful in even spinning up a basic server and connecting my extensions to it. Might there be a step-by-step guide to facilitate this, or someone in the community who would have the patience to hold my hand a bit and explain what it is I am doing wrong?

I do realize by virtue of the numerous searches I have performed regarding Asterisk that it is as configurable as one needs it to be, but in my case I am coming in managing the top level of an already operational instance and having little or no success in delving into the depths of this beast and surfacing with an understanding of how it all works. Hope this helps, and I shall answer any replies as best as I am able to. Thanks in advance.


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