Suggested ATA for analog phone to asterisk?

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Suggested ATA for analog phone to asterisk?

Postby ashcortech » Fri Sep 06, 2013 6:40 am

I've got a client who has a home office. He wanted a PBX for the business so I built him an AsteriskNOW system with Digium D40's and he's all happy.

Then he asks, "hey, can I get my home phones on that system too?" My immediate answer is "Sure, we can just provision another DID and...."

Then I realized he doesn't want desk phones, he wants cordless analog phones for the home...

Ok, simple, just get an ATA, hang it off the AsteriskNOW with it's own DID and connect in the analog cordless phone base station and we're done...

Maybe not so simple...

A) The AsteriskNOW system doesn't have any slots to put cards into so the ATA needs to be external.
B) I'm not sure which if any external ATA boxes will work well with AsteriskNOW.
C) How will I handle voicemail? Can I assume the analog phones will be able to dial the vmb just like IP phones?

So, can anyone recommend an external ATA box that can accomplish this and work well with AsteriskNOW?

that's step one. After that's figured out I'll deal with the voicemail issue..

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Re: Suggested ATA for analog phone to asterisk?

Postby david55 » Fri Sep 06, 2013 8:42 am

You can get DECT SIP base stations.

If DECT phones didn't work with voicemail, etc., Asterisk wouldn't be much use for external callers.

General forums are for discussion, not questions. At the moment, I don't see any reason why this question is AsteriskNOW specific. Any limitations would arise from FreePBX, which has its own support board, but I doubt that there will be any.
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Re: Suggested ATA for analog phone to asterisk?

Postby sch5034 » Sun Sep 29, 2013 9:05 am

I am using a Grandstream HT704 with AsteriskNOW v.3 and FreePBX. The configuration was very simple, and everything works as expected. I've got ports setup for a fax machine, a typical analog cordless telephone, and a backup line that feeds a fire alarm panel - no problems whatsoever.

The HT704 has a simple web interface for configuration, all that is really needed is to specify the IP address of the PBX and then each extension gets a SIP username/password. In FreePBX, you just setup an extension like you would for any other phone - the dial plan works the same for an analog phone as it does for a VoIP phone.
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