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Internet Radio Streaming Project

Postby jnavarrete76 » Wed May 28, 2014 4:10 am

Hello All,

Hope you can answer my question. I am not familiar with Asterisks but I know that it may perform well for the project at my company. The idea is this:
1. End users would dial DID number, the call would hit my VoIP network and then pass the call to the radio broadcaster with g711(ulaw) audio codec. End user would select an option (VoIP PBX) to choose the music genre user wants to listen.
2. Music will start playing in end user's phone.

What equipment does the radio broadscaster need to have?. The radio broadcaster already have a streaming server, so would he need an Asterisk server or a VoIP media gateway?. If yes, what about the codec transcoding from MP3 to G711?.
The expected results is to see around 800 to 1000 channels utilized for this traffic. How to deal with a big number of channels using asterisk?.

Thanks in advance for your response.


that point to a radio broadcaster. Music from radio broadcaster is in MP3 format. Once the number is dialed there would be a VoIP PBX who prompt the end user to dial an option to select the music genre.
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Re: Internet Radio Streaming Project

Postby david55 » Wed May 28, 2014 3:14 pm

Not an AsteriskNOW question. Try Asterisk Support.

I think you need heavyweight consultancy for this, especially as you are not familiar with Asterisk.

You will need a 100Mb/s internet connection to support your callers, plus whatever is needed for the feeds..

You need to consult with your ITSP and probably your ISP so that they can plan and price for this level of traffic.

I suspect you are going to have to load balance across multiple Asterisks.

I believe most people treat radio feeds as music on hold.
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Re: Internet Radio Streaming Project

Postby mahdeen » Fri Sep 19, 2014 3:57 am

I took such a long time because I had to order an old "dumb" hub so that i could sniff all the packets going in and out of the phone/Asterisk using wireshark---> it turned out that the phone was just not sending out the authentication password to Asterisk (even though it was available in its configuration).
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