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Helpline CRM

Postby pilskalns » Fri Feb 27, 2015 6:23 am


We already have AsteriskNOW server for helpline / youth support. But we need some integrated software for following things:

1. See call lists and numbers, see repeating callers
2. Ability to fill-in information about caller - custom data fields as gender, age, help topic, location etc., which may revealed during conversation. Something like google forms with predefined information, just to be filled in long-term basis AND each information should be linked to caller ID.
3. Ability to search through this information
4. Ability to see previous information from same caller ID

I know there is some CRM's as Sugar etc., but our purpose is not to sell things, but to fully oversee incoming call information and statistics. It should be something between advanced contact management and CRM.

What could be best solutions for these needs?
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