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Asterisk Demonstration

Postby crisostomoj » Tue Jan 05, 2016 3:17 pm

I have AsteriskNow installed on a PC here at my work. My boss is slow to change and wants things to be demonstrated to him before he'll give the go ahead, especially with a large thing such as phones. I have 1 VOIP, setup at my desk and the rest of the company uses an old Avaya phone system (not too familiar with phones myself). I want to be able to link my phone with the rest of them and maybe even get it hooked in with the paging system which is linked with the speakers via receiver here at work, any advice? Here's an ideal scenario. People want to page me, they dial my extension (25), my VOIP either opens the line with speaker (intercom or pickup handset + * 25) or rings when someone wants to get a hold of me (intercom or pickup handset + 25). I would like to do the same the other way, to include the *70 extension, which pages all phones and the speaker system. What would I need to accomplish this to get my boss to transition to and IP PBX system?
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