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Alarm Receiver developer

Postby cartchunk » Thu Jun 16, 2011 7:32 am

I have a client in need of someone in the Boston, Massachusetts area with experience in developing or porting an alarm receiver along the lines of the Ademco Contact ID alarm receiver project in Asterisk. This application is to run on an MCU, embedded controller or similar stand-alone dedicated processor platform. Its function is to handle incoming calls from a hard-wired telephone link from a security or safety panel over standard POTS phone line, and must provide appropriate phone line physical layer handling/simulation, as well as proper handshaking, reception, interpretation and kissoff of incoming messages according to the SIA DC-05-1990 CID standard. The resulting messages will be output via standard RS-232 serial protocol to a dedicate network controller using a simple protocol TDB. Initially, Contact ID format will be primary target, but expansion to other protocol, such as SIA DC-03, and various pulse- and tone-derived formats, e.g., BFSK, Radionics and so on may be desirable.

My client is interested in working with such a person primarily on a contract basis, with the level of participation and length of work mutually negotiated.

If you believe you can assist, please send along your resume along with details of relevant experience including product ormpublication citations and references to
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Re: Alarm Receiver developer

Postby mady » Tue Feb 24, 2015 4:14 am

I work with a developer company that provides telecommunication solutions. According to this page they are dealing with contact id. It is worth to take a look around their website.

ps: I noticed too late that this is not a new thread. I am sorry for that. It may be helpful for others as well.
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