General inquiry about scope - price of possible project

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General inquiry about scope - price of possible project

Postby bobh101 » Sun Jan 12, 2014 12:51 am

Hi guys. Im a rookie when it comes to voip and servers and all, but before I called a professional I wanted to learn a little more about the proposed project to see if it is worth it.
I work for a company that manages residential buildings in NY.

Now imagine the following scenario:

Residents have the ability to pay their rent using a credit card online. After doing so, they receive an approval code.

Now what the accounting is trying to do, is after the resident receives that authorization code, they need to call a provided number next to the auth code, and they have to call that number and enter the authorization code and their resident id after.

So resident calls - we need a robot to answer and ask for resident id, auth number, then thank the user and hang up. The script should also record the caller ID of the caller.

It should store locally in a txt doc all the auth codes/phone numbers/residents id or email to accounting for manual authorization.

We are not expecting high volume of calls so two lines would be more than enough we think.

How would this work? What do we need? And how much could it cost/take to configure?

Thank you I appreciate every input. Maybe I can open a project thread if all sounds good.
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Re: General inquiry about scope - price of possible project

Postby RM_FL » Sun Jan 12, 2014 1:27 am


This is a relatively simple dial plan to setup. If you only plan on using two lines you need two POTS lines from your phone company..and two FXS ports on your server. The server hardware doesn't have to be much.. Workstation level hardware would suffice. You're looking at maybe 700 - 1000 for the hardware, and roughly two weeks to setup/configure/test/deploy.

I'm curious why the user has to take a second step to call a number though. Most people just pay online, get the auth code from the browser.. Maybe even an email confirmation.. And that's it.

Also..Why not have the server call them after they submit payment instead? Would seem more convenient.

My name is Ron, btw.
If you want to talk more about it email me.
Ronm@, Momanage, dot, com
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Re: General inquiry about scope - price of possible project

Postby bobh101 » Sun Jan 12, 2014 3:22 am

Sounds good.

This is how our system is setup.. the accounting department is separate from the card processing dept and the only way they can find eachother is if this happens.

Why not call them automatically? Because maybe they won't have access to to the phone number we would have on file for them at the time..and to ask for a number where they can be reached is the same as having them call.

The way it would play out is like this:

Client dials number. Robot answers "Thank you for calling bla bla. please enter your auth number." >here robot waits for input if no input ask again, if input is given, check if format of auth code is correct if yes ask for resident id if no ask for correct auth code format.< and store or email both of the auth code and resident id together with the caller id that called.

I know this must be pretty simple :)

Waiting for more imput. Thanks.
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Re: General inquiry about scope - price of possible project

Postby ambiorixg12 » Tue Jan 14, 2014 6:36 pm

This a pretty simple project. I already has a system like this running. This is the architecture of the system :

Customer call in for a machine Ask for ID or whatever you will use for validation :

The data are verify against a DB in my case MYSQL.

Customer called ID all call details as call duration and other details are save in a DB

a Web panel With CDR ( customer detail records ) for see all incoming calls and filter for different criteria like date, caller ID, city etc.

You can use a Digium card with 2 or 4 FXO ports (lines).

If you want to see a demo of my system running, here is my Skype and Gmail
Skype : ambiorixg12
gmail : ambiorixg12 at gmail dot com
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