Multitenant realtime multiserver PBX - Eur 100/month

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Multitenant realtime multiserver PBX - Eur 100/month

Postby gosseyng » Mon Apr 14, 2014 1:00 pm

The MiRTA PBX is an interface written in PHP using Mysql as backend to manage a multitenant PBX build over the Asterisk 12 Open Source PBX. An easy to use interface allows you to manage one or more Asterisk PBX in a multi tenants, load sharing and high availability configuration. All configurations are stored in a database to be easily integrated into existing CRM or billing software.

The MiRTA PBX can be hosted on a single server or it can be ran on multiple servers achieving both Scalability and High Availability. Each component of the system can be ran on a distinct server and you can increase the overall capacity and resilience by just adding more servers. Each asterisk server can be used by any client, so you can power off any server of the pool without disrupting the services. No info is stored in the single asterisk server, as all the data is pulled from the database servers. A smart caching system, if needed, will save on bandwidth and database server's CPU power.

Every tenant can monitor the status of his extensions, parking lots and queues using the HTML5 websockets panel.

Renting for unlimited peers, unlimited tenants and unlimited features is Eur 100/month
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