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Voip Switch with VPN Supported Secure Traffic>>>>>PAID Help

Postby manibutt » Thu Jul 24, 2014 9:02 pm

Project Description:
We are looking forward to develop an application that is currently being served by few companies (see the list below) as far we have studied, this software do tunnel between two asterisk servers to compress and bypass voice packets, we will provide some demonstration of the existing services to the candidates after interviewing and once we believed that you can do it.

Server A = Asterisk Server
Server B = Asterisk Client

Explanation of Scenario:

1. Server A ( asterisk server, with static IP) receiving VoIP calls , with sip protocol, using G711,G729 and/or G723.1 codec and sending calls to Server B
2. Server B ( Asterisk server with PRIVATE NETWORK IP), receiving calls from server A and sending to gateways (quintum gateway for example) or E1 cards.
3. Number of Server B can be unlimited.
4. Number of Gateways/E1 cards per server B can be unlimited
5. For server B installation need easy to use ISO image that could be booted from USB flash drive, and those USB flash drive will be delivered to our Server B type client (ther termination provider)
A. Any mini Linux distribution exam- puppy Linux , linux mint
B. Fedora desktop distribution
C. Centos 5.8 or 6
D. Any other better disto suggested by the developer.
7. Server A to Server B voice traffic will be encrypted so that voice port blocked bandwidth can be used for termination. we will used .
A. iax trunks in trunking mode.
B. Open vpn static mode and dynamic mode
C. Tnic static and dynamic mode
8. Asterisk web billing gui for adding gateways.
Adding client , Prefix , dialing plan viewing active calls, billing cdr ,etc.

# We will be selling this service to client as SaaS, so we will require automated license obtaining functions and authorization of the ISO upon creating new linux server (RackSpace Cloud) there are some companies already providing the solution with similar functions, PM for demonstration #

We will provide you the Dedicated server asterisk and client asterisk

Configure IAX trunking, so we can measure the BW compression making the SIP-> IAX call trunking, need develop a simple WEB tool to change IAX IP and port (you understand that it is sensitive option when trunk is blocked by country border GW)

Continue building up main server with codec conversion (will install g729/g723 codecs) amd Install OpenVPN Server&client - at this stage we will test it and measure the BW compression with all kinds of options like codecs and openvpn compression modes;

Continue project with compiling the automated installation distribution (with OpenVPN, Asterisk, Codec conversion, IAX trunks config ) for client-side CentOS system, which can be distributed to may servers.

Continue working on project by building up WEB interface for main server adding Billing, and other options from Item 2 like adding GW, adding client, adding IAX trunks.

Some companies already developed the solution and providing services, below is the list of competitors:

1. http://www.voipzip.com/
2. http://www.rbctechbd.com/
3. http://www.osltech.com/
4. http://www.optimasaver.com/
5. http://www.syncswitch.com/content/sbo/

Please do contact if you are interested to work in the project, we will prefer if someone who have the good knowledge of what we are looking for and have some existing idea (let us know if you have already seen such thing or worked on, we will treat you on higher priority)
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