EMERGENCY Asterisk Expert for multilingual project

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EMERGENCY Asterisk Expert for multilingual project

Postby leog » Sun Sep 21, 2014 2:36 am

Dear All,

We are a French / Polish SME. We had a working Asterisk implementation until last week. The server has been under attack so setting up security to its highest standard is very important to us. This includes setting up and testing fail2ban or even more advanced system.

Most of the below was already configured and will not require a big work (see status between parenthesis)

We are hosting on Amazon EC2.

Usage of the latest simplified asterisk syntaxes is wanted.

Here is the need:
- receiving calls on our reserved DIDs (working)
-- provider 1 (1 number)
-- provider 2 (several numbers)

- menu organised with several IVRs (working)
-- choice of language
-- choice of department
-- possibility to access a direct extension

- Having Asterisk pre-recorded messages in several languages (FR EN DE PL SP IT)

- Queue of calls according to language / department (working)

- Refusing calls out of office hours (working) and on public holidays depending of language.

- Redirecting to common mailbox per language when queue is not available + sending voicemail via email (working)

- Redirecting to private mailbox when extension is not reachable + sending voicemail via email

- Conf rooms system (never tested)

- Call transfer (blind and managed) to extension or queue

- Possibility to record calls by dialing specific code, recording is then received by email

- Registering of desk phones on queues automated (working)

- registering of mobile phones (sales rep) on queue on request

If you think you're the appropriate expert to handle those specific requests, PM me. The project is an emergency as there's no more sound on our asterisk server since Friday September 19th. Please specify your rates. I do have asterisk knowledge so we will work on this together using visio system like Google hangout ideally.

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