Hosted Asterisk/freePBX - 25$ flat fee no hidden cost

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Hosted Asterisk/freePBX - 25$ flat fee no hidden cost

Postby mtaib » Thu Oct 23, 2014 2:24 am

Hello, we provide cloud hosted, unmanaged, Asterisk/Elastix/FreePBX IP PBX platform on a monthly rental of 25$. You can sign for one month or one year, the fee is same. But, for annual subscriptions, we provide 10 hours managed services (300$ value) for FREE. Annual subscriptions get 2 US DIDs completely FREE for the duration of hosting the service is hosted with us. Yes, DIDs are free for the whole lifetime you continue to host with us.

Managed Asterisk/Elastix/FreePBX will be 60$ a month. The scope of IP PBX management is pretty much everything what asterisk offers, except the following :

1. CTI/Database Integration
2. complex IVR design (more than 5 level menus)
3. complicated Call Queue design (queue looping, call popup and data fetch etc..)
4. Custom voice recordings
5. CRM/Email integration
6. configuration and implementation of non-asterisk packaged apps (e.g, CRM, email server, chat server, etc.. pre-packed with Elastix)

However, annual subscription of managed package will qualify you for 20% discount, and it comes with 4 US DIDs.

The service is offered anywhere in the world. We will have also tunnelling (open VPN) configured for you, if your internet service provider doesn't allow you to connect over SIP or IAX.

We do have our own ITSP for termination (A-Z) worldwide. We can offer you very competitive rates if in case you want to interconnect your Asterisk server for outbound calls.


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