regarding DISA voice through in asterisk

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regarding DISA voice through in asterisk

Postby peter_l44 » Tue Nov 18, 2014 8:31 am

Hi ,

I have been working on DISA .I have done all the configuration which are needed to make a call through DISA ,it seems to be working fine .once the call got established i cant able to hear the voice on both side (caller & reciever). so, after the call got answered by reciever unfortunately i (caller) pressed '*'
and the voice got established and both the sides can able to hear.If i follow again the same process and once more if i press '*' voice cant able to hear and again i pressed '*' & '#' this time the vocie is hearing on both sides .so,this process also not happening i have two doubts one is how the voice will work once the call is established through DISA and another whether i have to press any DTMF keys to have a voice comminication.please reply
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